Silver encased Selenite

This is the Selenite Power necklace encased in silver. We are very excited to offer these special pieces to you. ************************************************************** Encased in a hand made solid silver setting with a solid silver chain, both .925 and stamped. Whilst on our travels through the mountains of southern spain we went on a magical treasure hunt gathering raw Selenite from the glistening boulders surrounding the mini freshwater lagoons. From these rocks we carefully carved triangles (the strongest shape for this particular type, as it actually forms in triangular patterns) Selenite comes from the Greek word Moon Goddess and It just so happened to be the giant full super blood moon on the evening we made our first batch. ************************************************************* Selenite is said to aid with telepathy, psychic awareness and removing energy blocks. It is used to clense your aura and is related to the crown chakra. What I like the most about this crystal is that it's is said that meditations become sparking clear over time when working with Selenite and it brings clarity to your spiritual understanding of the universe and your place in it !! ************************************************************* They come in gift box and with a beautiful card explaining the meaning and story behind this treasure.


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